Marble & Natural Stone Grinding and Polishing

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  Nothing looks more sophisticated than a floor made of a natural material like marble polishing. Solid, cool and unique in appearance, this floor requires proper maintenance and professional attention to detail. Stargate gives its customers access to a range of specialized services that include marble polishing in Dubai, cleaning, repairs and refurbishments. We also work with floors made of other natural materials that require highly specific maintenance. Stone is a tough material but it still has maintenance requirements. The selection of the right marble polishing company in Dubai can make it look brand new and let the natural beauty of marble shine through.

A Vast Range of Services

We give our customers access to a vast range of natural material floor services that include:
  • Marble polishing and cleaning
  • Granite cleaning
  • Basalt cleaning
  • Quartzite cleaning
  • Terracotta cleaning
We can also maintain walls made of natural materials or featuring mosaic elements.

Benefits of Choosing Our Services

We have years of experience in the field of marble polishing and cleaning, as well as keeping other natural materials in the best possible condition. Attention to details and familiarity with the best practices enable us to deliver an outstanding outcome each time. The Stargate team will pay close attention to every step. Our responsible project management guarantees that each of the customer’s requirements has been taken in consideration. All of the team members are highly experienced and properly trained to make old floors look brand new once again. Our approach in service provision is ISO 9001 certified, which can help clients rest assured that we adhere to the strictest international standards. We have the experience and we have the work ethics that result in 100 percent client satisfaction each time. Give us a call and let us show you what makes the Stargate services so special.
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