Car Park Cleaning

Whatever your business sectors is, neatness and well-maintained parking facilities will speak for you in terms of customer satisfaction and how particular you are for your business and taking care of each and everything starting from the office to the parking. Whether your parking is in open facility, multi-level structure and underground (basement) facility it requires a proper cleaning checks and sweeping service for the employees and for the customer, clients. The parking cleaning is immensely important as in the same place there are three to four parking position for the organisation and our task is to maintain the cleaning line of our parking. We at Stargate maintained the place neat & clean and fewer or no complain will be launched from the customers or from the employees. Why Choose our Services?
  • Dust is a very hard to remove and can easily spread on to the vehicles, so we maintain that all the dust particles should be removed.
  • Vacuum pumps are provided to remove inside strain on the floors.
  • As said earlier, we maintained the Ecosystem no dust, strain or any other rubbish will be let out on the surroundings which cause damage to the environment.
  • Chemicals, cleaning substance we will provide as per the clauses in the contract.
  • We make sure that this particular cleaning service will be complete in a reasonable amount of time with ease.
  • For the organic components such as Sand, Gravel and dust, we will make a mixture of water and chemical for cleaning and not affecting the environment.
  • In the Parking area, there is lots of debris left from petroleum, organic compounds, oils, so we will make sure that all this things should be cleaned by regular sweeping and cleaning and in turn water and air pollution is checked manifold.
  • We clean the parking area more efficiently and accurately in the office peaks hours i.e. morning time and evening time.
  • If the parking is very busy then in that case we will provide extra “Cleaning Assistant” who will examine the parking cleaning activity of the cleaner’s and “leave no stone unturned”.
  • We will provide a big bucket for trashing all the dust and other harmful materials collected from the parking area.
  • We also maintain the sound & noise pollution and perform the service with ease and not disturbing the Ecosystem.
“If you want our “Car Park Cleaning” Services from Stargate”? Give us a call today!
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